Are You a Happy Worker?

As International Day of Happiness dawns bright upon us, it gives us the chance to reflect on our own happiness levels, and what we can do to improve our feelings of contentment.

Happiness is holistic: you cannot just isolate happiness to one specific area of your life. And when it feels like we spend more time at work than at home, and more time with colleagues than friends and family, having a happy and fulfilling work environment is an important aspect of overall happiness.

So what makes people happy at work?

According to recent research lead by a team of economists from Warwick University, a happy workforce causes an increase in productivity by up to 12%. It is clear that working in an environment that encourages happy colleagues is good for all of us!

So according to the study, what does make a happy workforce?

Action for Happiness (AFH) is a charitable movement of people who are committed to building a happier and more caring society. AFH have identified ten main areas that contribute to a happier workplace:

  1. Trust your People: Focus on supporting your people and trusting their contributions.

  2. Make your People feel good: Making people feel good should be the focus of management.

  3. Give freedom with clear guidelines: People need to understand what is expected of them, but given the space and autonomy to find the best way to achieve those goals.

  4. Be open and transparent: More information means people can take more responsibility at work.

  5. Recruit for attitude, train for skill: Recruit on attitude and potential ability rather than of qualifications and experience.

  6. Celebrate mistakes: Create a truly no-blame culture, and a safe environment in which to make mistakes and learn.

  7. Community: Create mutual benefit: A company with a purpose and a positive impact on the world inspires workers.

  8. Love work, get a life: Well-rested employees are good for the workplace!

  9. Select managers who are good at managing: Make sure your people are supported by somebody who is actually good at managing.

  10. Play to your strengths: Make sure your people spend most of their time doing what they are best at.

So how does this measure to your own workplace? Do you work in an environment that gives you freedom, transparency and trust? Are you encouraged to make mistakes and grow as an employee? Do you have managers who are good at managing?

At Sliips, we are passionate about people being happy at work. We believe that knowing you are being paid fairly ties into a number of the AFH’s areas above: making your people feel good and being open and transparent with pay.

By crowdsourcing pay information anonymously and securely, we can allow everyone to take part in a global conversation about pay. By doing this, we effectively break the taboo that surrounds talking about pay.

Sliips is simple to use, and by using real, authenticated payslip data we ensure that all our data is fully accurate. That allows us to give a wholly accurate view of the gender pay gap, and everyone’s individual story as to whether they are being paid fairly.

Interested in joining our beta to find out if you are being paid fairly?

Then join us at or say hello on Twitter @paySliips.

Are You a Happy Worker?
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