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Consultant Career Progression: 4 Signs You’re on Track

Many consultants start their professional life on a graduate scheme where they get pulled into the hectic lifestyle and the competitive atmosphere without giving too much thought to career progression. Eventually though, you’ll look around and wonder ‘what next?’. So how do you know whether your consultant career progression is on track? We take a look at four telltale signs that can show you.

1. Are People Leaving?

A good sign to give you some indication of consultant career progression is to look at the attrition rates in your company, especially of your peer group and those directly above you on the career ladder. Is there a high turnover of consultants? Are your peers leaving for different consultancies? Are the intakes ahead of you becoming thin on the ground? A high attrition rate among consultants can be a warning sign that your company is not taking consultant career progression seriously enough.

2. Show me the Money

Money isn’t everything, but it can certainly give you an insight into how your consultant career progression might look. Using a platform such as Sliips, you can find out what your peers are being paid compared to you, and also what the pay progression looks like with promotion and progression. This data will help you be able to make an informed decision about a future at your company.

3. Does Your Boss Care?

Having an engaged people manager or boss can be a huge influence on consultant career progression. If your boss shows an active interest in your work, helps you to challenge yourself and gives you thoughtful access to their professional network, then your chance of career progression will be good. Engaged bosses will help you achieve your highest potential, and will recognise the vast benefits to the company in ensuring your career progression is on track and fulfilling.

4. When Did you Last Get a Training Day?

Companies who really care about consultant career progression will invest in their employees. If you need access to training to improve your expertise, or to learn a new skill that will add value, then your employer should be trying their best to get you access to that education. If they’re not, it could be a sign that they are not serious about your career progression.

What Next?

Consultant career progression is different for every company and for every person: always remember that individual circumstances apply to every situation. However, the above list should give you a good indication as to whether your company is going to take your career progression seriously or not, and whether it’s worth your time and energy building a career with them.

Consultant Career Progression: 4 Signs You’re on Track
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