Let’s Talk About Pay. Accurately.

We all have career decisions to make. But how do you make them confidently?

We all want to know if we are being paid fairly. But how do you find out?

We all need to plan careers. But how do you keep plans up to date and relevant?

THE answers to these questions are normally found through a combination of advice from friends and family, speaking to colleagues and looking at salary information sites; but always taking them with more than a pinch of salt.

Clearly, we think there is room for major improvement when it comes to the last of these three areas.

We believe that technology and accurate data can solve all the above problems and more. We’re building Sliips as the tool to solve this problem and one of our guiding principles is data accuracy.

But, getting accurate pay data is hard.

Very few companies publish their salary data internally and we’ve all been on Glassdoor and seen the supposed salary ranges for our company... read more about that here.

To ensure that Sliips is accurate we ask users to submit their payslip. That way everyone knows that the data is real. This point is one of the most frequently visited topics when we describe Sliips, and that’s why we want to answer the question: Why your payslip?

There are three good reasons:

  1. Almost everybody gets a payslip and they have to show the information needed

  2. They can be submitted and verified anonymously. That’s right. To protect your identity we only take the minimum amount needed:

    • Company Name
    • Date
    • Your salary before deductions
  3. It is your payslip, and yours to do with as you choose. They are often used for proof of earnings for loans or when buying/renting a property.

We believe all of these factors make payslips the ideal data source which, alongside our Sliips platform, will allow us to work together and build a tool that can answer your individual questions about career and salary, while also helping to improve equality and end in-work pay discrimination.

And from there, where can we go? Well there are many other ‘pieces of paper’ we all regularly have to receive. From your P60 to P11D, we are confident that we can build you a tool that will allow you to submit these items anonymously and understand them and your options better than ever before.

Excited and want to get involved? Sign up for the Sliips beta.

Let's talk about pay. Accurately.

P.S. If all this talk of payslips has made you feel like you don’t understand yours - you are not alone, and you can read here for more information on understanding your payslip.

Let’s Talk About Pay. Accurately.
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