Let's Talk About Pay. Honestly.

THIS is the final blog of a three-part series to tell you about how and why Sliips works, according to our values:

Accuracy (blog one)

Anonymity (blog two)

Honesty (this blog)

This has been the hardest to quantify, which is ironic as quantifying the world of work is what we are all about.
Honesty for us boils down to two points:

  1. Honesty begins with us and how we act with you
  2. Honesty is what we bring to the question of salary

Honesty starts with us. We hope we’ve proved that by explaining how we give you honest data (accuracy) and how we keep your identity safe (anonymity).

The two previous blogs and Sliips.com demonstrate the way we will be honest with you. From how you give us data to how we use it, we will always be open and honest. A large part of our motivation for Sliips was to make a website that everyone could find useful and use for free: a website without any hidden ‘catches’ that let you down.

As Sliips develops over time, we will always be open with you about how we work. Our only request is that you take part in this conversation too - letting us know what you think about the way we work. We’ve built a feedback mechanism and an interactive roadmap (launching soon!) so that you can do just that.

The second part of honesty is based on pay transparency, something we passionately believe in and the purpose of Sliips itself.

As a founding team, we have been lucky enough to work at some great companies: the problem with pay is not unique to any specific company or sector. It’s a cultural problem, and one that defines the way salary discussions and decisions work.
The cultural norm for secret salaries leaves people questioning everything; from how they are being treated to what their employer’s remuneration policy might say about the ambitions or plans of the company.

Many of these questions arise because individuals don’t have enough information, and that leaves a lot of room for misconception or discrimination.

That’s why our aim is to bring salary and compensation out of the dark and into the light. We want people to understand their pay, and we believe pay transparency will change the world of work for the better, for everyone.

And we aren’t the only ones: the Harvard Business Review agrees that pay transparency is actually a much better system than pay secrecy.

“… the idea in all of the cases is everybody knows what it takes to move up the pay scale, knows what it takes to perform and make more money, and everybody knows that there’s an overarching commitment to fairness because things like discrimination and wage gap tend to hide in the dark corners.” - David Burkus, professor at Oral Roberts University and author of Under New Management.

So that’s why we are here doing what we are doing. We are starting a conversation, and we hope you will take part. Together, we believe we can change the culture of work to be more honest, and fairer for employees and employers.

The first step to help is signing up www.sliips.com

We look forward to talking to you!

Let’s Talk About Pay. Honestly.

Let's Talk About Pay. Honestly.
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