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School of Hard Knocks

That’s what being in a start-up is. It’s a bare knuckle, cortisone filled, rollercoaster that requires you to be able to move fast and change direction - but importantly know why and measure how successful your change has been.

We want to do this in the most honest and transparent way for you, our users, which brings us to the point of this blog.

We are moving our open source analytics suite over to Google Analytics, and implementing a chat box on the site. This helps us understand and interact with you better, which is essential to build you a tool that delivers the value you want, faster.

Now, you may remember we wrote a blog about how we are building the tool to be anonymous, and one of the more technical points was that we would be implementing web analytics outside of GA to prevent Google tracking. As we said at the time we knew this would be more work, but what we didn’t realise was how much and how badly it would affect us as we need to make informed changes quickly.

From user feedback, we’ve also learnt that this really wasn’t much of an issue for most. This made the entire value proposition of running our own custom analytics suite fall away. It has simply been too much of a burden at this early stage.

We wanted you all to be aware of this change, and also suggest a way you can avoid tracking if you are concerned about that kind of thing.

We highly recommend Ghostery which you can add as a browser extension to prevent tracking.

This way, if you care about what big internet companies know about you, you can control that, while we reduce our burden and resolve some reliability issues.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

School of Hard Knocks
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