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Sliips Begins Ignite!

It was a busy end of 2016 for Sliips as we closed out our fundraising efforts. We met a lot of people that gave great feedback and really helped develop Sliips as a business. What made the New Year celebrations even sweeter was the fantastic news from Ignite that we had been accepted on to their accelerator along with eight other great companies. You can read about us all here.

Since then the three of us have moved to Manchester, found a place above an ex-Post Office (yes, it’s as glamorous as it sounds) which is a stone’s throw away from Old Trafford, as much as it pains me and Tom (Ridings) personally.

Most of all we are so excited to be part of the Ignite family. The first two days have been great and have set the tone for an extremely productive growing period for Sliips and ourselves.

We’ll be posting regularly about what we learn and how we grow, though reading the words of wisdom of someone a year ahead of where we are now suggests summing it all up may be a challenge…

“It’s impossible to describe just how transformative, exhausting, energising, exciting, heart-breaking, fun, and emboldening it is to take part in Ignite (and presumably most other comparable accelerators). Those three months fundamentally changed who we were as entrepreneurs, and how we operate.”

But we'll certainly give it a go.


Sliips Begins Ignite!
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