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Sliips is Live!

Hello and welcome to the future… way of talking about pay.

Our aim at Sliips is to give you a career analytics dashboard that you can use as your personal career advisor to understand how your pay compares to your peers, as well as to see what a career move might look like. Think of it as life-hacking your career by putting your payslip to work for you.

The two things that makes Sliips different are:

  1. All data is checked by anonymously verifying user payslips (you redact identifying information, and we never ask for your name).

  2. We give you a full suite of analytics and graphs to understand your pay in context, rather than the usual high medium low of salary in your job title.

We believe passionately in transparency and the power of data to solve problems - and firmly believe we have built a tool that you can use to maximise your earning potential while also helping to tackle problems like the gender pay gap and other forms of discrimination.

We are currently ready to accept payslips from a select few companies and will soon be expanding to more. Head on over to www.sliips.com to see if we’re ready for you yet, and if not, don’t worry - creating an account increase the likelihood we will unlock your company next!

To find out more you can read our other blogs and our FAQ if you have any questions.

We hope you find it useful!

Sliips is Live!
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