Sliips on MCR Live!

Sliips is on the inaugural startup show of MCR Live, the next generation radio, content and podcast network for Manchester.

Startups of Manchester is the latest show on the network. Each week a new startup business based out of Manchester is interviewed for 15 minutes. In that time, you hear first hand about our business, what makes us tick, how our idea came about and our story as the founders behind it.

As a programme about early stage start ups, this is right on the bleeding edge of the startup world. You’ll hear what it’s really like to leave your job to start up, what it’s really like to raise some investment and an honest discussion of the other nitty-gritty details you don’t get from Googling “startup advice”.

For me and us all at Sliips, it was a real pleasure to be able to come on the show with James Mulvany and chat through our business and our story. We hope you enjoy the show and find it revealing!

If you have any questions at all about Sliips or your own start up, get in touch with me at [email protected].

For any questions about MCR Live — it’s [email protected] — and don’t forget to subscribe!

You can also sign up for Sliips here.

Sliips on MCR Live!
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