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The Kids Aren't Alright - Salary Expectations Of Millennials

Millennials deserve a pay rise.

What’s disloyal, entitled and selfish?

That’s right, millennials! At least, if some people are to be believed. The problem is, it doesn’t actually hold up against the evidence.

The evidence tells us those born since 1980 earn around £40 a week less than those born 10 years earlier around the age of 30. Yeah. This is attributed to, would you believe, millennials being less likely to change job. Typically a job swap brings a 15% pay rise, but we’re half as likely move compared with previous generations. Pretty disloyal, aren’t we?

We’re viewed as having had everything handed to us. Unfortunately, one thing handed to us was a financial crisis and recession. That means that pay rises have either been massively scaled back or stopped. At the same time, inflation is on the up, especially with Brexit. I had to pay £2 to footlong my Sub the other day. That definitely used to only cost a pound.

Work hard at school, get good grades, go to university and you’ll achieve a higher living standard than your parents, we were told. As we sought graduate employment we were praised as ‘the brightest minds’ and told we’d work to solve ‘some of biggest challenges in the world’.

All too often millennials are sold a dream by employer recruitment marketing that will take years, if not decades, to materialise. Not everything’s as easy as some stock photos and a carefully choreographed corporate culture. Of course, we should have to work hard to be rewarded, it’s just the reality doesn’t match the narrative we were given.

And still, we’re expected to say thanks for the opportunity, in exchange for not being paid fairly, huge student debt and faced with a housing market our own government has called ‘broken’. Then called entitled if we talk about these issues with dissatisfaction.

We need to break that taboo.

Sliips and these blogs have - very rightly - given a lot of attention to the gender pay gap. There’s also the ethnic pay gap, a way too often overlooked problem. But what about the generational pay gap, too? As millennials, we are often not paid fairly for the work we do.

If you spoke to your line manager, would they understand your living circumstances and how they relate to your salary? A friend, a recent grad at one of the big four, couldn’t believe it when her manager told her ‘an extra £40 a month is hardly going to break the bank’ if she took the company's top tier gym membership.

Young people are horribly overlooked in corporate and political decision-making. You only need to glance at the evidence to see how important it is we stick up for ourselves.

The older generations don’t hate us. They’re just out of touch. By uploading our payslips and starting a conversation among millennials, we can help them understand. We can make the workplace fairer.

Upload your payslip today and join the conversation here.

The Kids Aren't Alright - Salary Expectations Of Millennials
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