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The first thing the Ignite team asked - on Day One of the Accelerator - was: Why did you start Sliips?

Why had we spent our spare time researching, designing, and developing this idea? What motivated us to quit our jobs and revert to a student lifestyle of frugality to focus full time on this fledgling company? Why had we moved halfway across the country to pursue this passion?

We realised that our core answer hadn’t changed since the day we started: we have had to make big life changing career decisions, based on poor information. We had also all worked long hours without knowing if we were paid fairly according to our abilities or effort. We also knew that we weren’t the only ones to think this, and that everyone deserves the answer.

What had changed, we realised, was that our scope had grown massively and our focus was much more on the long term. This is probably a natural part of fundraising as you need to demonstrate your vision to investors, but it has been a welcome change for Ignite to tell us to focus on exactly why we started Sliips and bring that to our users. It’s important we can walk before we run!
The Ignite team helped us recognise this, and we have corrected course back to our initial focus and passion that launched the idea of Sliips in the first place: you, our users.

This is why we have spent our first week reimagining how you would use Sliips, from sign up to answering the key question: are you paid fairly?

To us it seems unbelievable that week one is almost over - already we have a completely new way of thinking about data that will change how users sign-up and send in their payslip - but most excitingly, we have completely redesigned the analytics to provide much more relevant information in a much more understandable way.

Still, it’s never too early to sign up and by doing so you’ll be the first to know when the revamped site is ready by the end of next week! You also have a whole week to invite others so that the data you see is the best it can be!

Sign up!

Thanks very much for reading this far and for your continued support, stay tuned as we will be releasing one of these blogs every week, and we can’t wait to show you the features we’ve talked about above next week.

Users, Users, Users
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