We ❤ Users

Over at Sliips, we recently held a User Insight Session to check in with our target users and make sure we are on track and building the right thing.


Agile development encourages us to check in with the people who will be using our product, getting their feedback so we can continuously improve what we’re doing. With the beta about to go live, it seemed the perfect time to treat some of our dedicated followers to beer and pizza and a night of design thinking!

Using techniques such as empathy mapping and silent brainstorming, the team from Sliips guided the users through an evening of carefully planned exercises, aimed at understanding their thoughts and feelings around Sliips and the functionality we are building.


So what did we find out?

We wanted to dig into two things:

  1. Whether what we are making was useful to our target users
  2. Whether our users trust us.

We certainly hoped both would be the case, but we needed some honest answers on the product and how we were inspiring trust so far.

Value Transaction

The first thing we looked into with our users was the Value Transaction of Sliips: the understanding that giving us your payslip starts a transaction in which you receive a far more accurate set of data than if we didn’t use them. Our user group confirmed that they understood and believed in the value transaction that Sliips offers: great news for us!

Aggregated Data

We created Sliips because we truly believe that the world of pay is not transparent enough: and to that end, we need to earn salaries ourselves and make Sliips profitable! Our aim is to sell aggregated data, and we wanted to ensure that we were being fully transparent about this fact to our users. The session demonstrated to us that our target user group fully expect and understand that we do this: in fact, we were criticised for over-emphasising this information on our site.


Sharing Payslips

We are aware that asking you to submit your payslip, by it’s nature a highly-sensitive document, is asking you to trust us and our technology in regards to how we treat your data. Because accurate data (from payslips) is so important to us, we were concerned that the need to share a payslip would prevent some people from signing up. We deliberately explored this and showed our user group a sample payslip as we would receive it. It turns out our users were less concerned than we expected them to be in general, and when our users saw the redacted payslip (below) they were even less concerned about sharing theirs.


The Big Picture

The outcome of the evening was that our target users were most interested in our ability to show the full salary picture: not only whether they were being paid fairly, but also in terms of bonuses and performance goals.

We came away from the evening feeling confident in the direction Sliips is moving and with a load of useful feedback for us to work on for the site. We were most happy with confirming that our holistic model of anonymously crowdsourcing payslips to give accurate salary and career information to users was genuinely solving a problem for our target users.


A massive thank you to London-based Onfido who very kindly loaned out their fabulous office space to us for the evening - thanks guys!

We ❤ Users
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